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The Alabama Talent Triad is open and available to all residents of Alabama. Click here then "Start Here" to create an account.

With your Learner/Earner account, you can search for jobs, apprenticeships, scholarships and much more. You can create resumes where you are able to add skills, job experiences, completed degrees and certificates.

For more information, please visit our help site

If you are requesting expanded permissions as an Employer, Credential Issuing/Verifying Organization or Case Manager, please fill out the form below so we may confirm your access.

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This is Only a Demonstration

The Alabama Talent Triad will launch in Pilot Mode for Learners/Earners & Employers shortly after spring break and aims to be in production by the fall. The goal of the pilot will be to demonstrate the Learner/Earner experience and collect as many Occupation-specific Competency Statements from Employers via Skills-Based Job Descriptions as possible to enable Education & Training Providers to use those vocabularies when assigning Competencies to Credentials later. *Some aspects of this demonstration may not be exactly as shown in production or perform as expected on smaller screen sizes*